Tuesday, August 11

Lavender Amber Body Butter

So I'm completely late on this post (originally to be uploaded on 6 August 2009) but here it is. Here's last night's new creation Lavender Amber body butter.
This is a shea butter based butter mixed with jojoba oil, lavender water, vegetable glycerin and a few other natural goodies. It smells wonderful, glides on smoothly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Sugar Lemon/Lime Facial Scrub

Here's another quick, easy and budget friendly facial scrub. The juice from the lemon/lime refreshes and tones the skin while the sugar acts as a natural alpha hydroxy.

Sugar Lemon/Lime Facial Scrub
Sugar (raw or organic)
Juice of a lemon or lime

Mix the sugar with the juice of a lemon or lime. Start out with a tablespoon of sugar and keep adding until you get the desired consistency you're looking for. You can also add a teaspoon or two of hemp seed or almond oil (or the oil of your choice) this will give your face added moisture. Apply to your face by rubbing in circular motions to exfoliate the skin. Rinse with warm water.
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