Friday, July 31

Exercise Equals Healthy Hair

Did you know that exercising is a sign of healthy hair? Not only is exercising good for your overall health but it does wonders for your hair.

When you exercise you:
  • Release the toxins that have built up in your body
  • Increase the blood circulation that provides nourishment for your hair follicles
  • Release stress that could cause severe hair loss and help you relax
Be sure to combine your exercise with a well balanced diet. This a great way to prevent hair loss and even eliminate the use of taking medication that prevents hair loss.

Note: If you were to walk one hour every day for a month not only would you lose 20 pounds in a month but you'd have healthier hair.

Monday, July 27


I did some shopping over the weekend and a few items caught my attention. So keep an eye out for reviews on the following products:
  • Turbie Twist Hair Towel
  • Smooth Away
  • Kinoki
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