Thursday, June 4

Decadent Story

This blog was created after I was laid off from the financial sector in December 2008. It wasn't until June 2009 that I actually started posting entries.

At the age of 25 I started creating my own natural hair care products when I realized that my hair and scalp no longer responded to commercial treatments (relaxers and texturizers) and products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.). During my research I found that I was allergic to majority of the chemicals that were found in these products so I started looking for natural alternatives. After a few months of mixing and using my own hair products I found that not only did my hair and scalp responded well but it flourished.

This then led me to making my own body lotions, creams and scrubs. After friends and family noticed the over all healthiness of my hair and the healthy glow of my skin they begin asking me to make some of my products for them. I started out making these products for a few friends and family members and giving them away as gifts. I was constantly encouraged to share these decadent goodies with the rest of the public but I never really had the time. It wasn’t until I was laid off in December 2008 that I decided take make this a full time venture and thus Decadent Butters was born. The motto here is “Indulge yourself in decadence from head to toe.” Enjoy.
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