Thursday, April 8

Satwian-A Decadent Man's POV


DB: How do you feel about women that wear weaves or wigs?
Satwian: It's not my favorite look on a woman.

DB: How do you feel about women that perm their hair?
Satwian: If it has a fly cut and works for the woman, I say go for it.

DB: How do you feel about women that wear their natural hair?
Satwian: Jill Scott instantly became sexy to me when I saw her on Mo'Nique rocking her 'fro, a short cut or natural hair is sexy to me on woman.

DB: With women that have natural hair, what type are you most attracted to (loose, curls, afro locs) if any?
Satwian: All of the above works for me. I love a woman who is in love with the natural state of her being. It says a lot about her character in my opinion.

DB: Do you like to run your fingers through a black woman's hair?
Satwian: I only touch a black woman's hair when asked to...part of my southern ways ;-)

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